Planetary equipment drives (epicyclic gears) will be the favoured choice for applications requiring a concise gear solution that’s capable of maintaining optimal high torque outputs.
We stock a comprehensive range of globally renowned Ever-Power items; prestigiously made to accept standard hydraulic motors, with the choice of a shaft insight version suitable for a wide selection of shaft, wheel and spindle drive applications.
A customer favourite from our planetary equipment drives range may be the Ever-Power-speed, small, planetary wheel drive transmission; boasting low and high acceleration functions and unbeatable long-life overall performance, perfect for winches and mobile tools.
With capacities ranging from 845Nm to 332,000Nm, our innovative range of planetary Torque Hub® transmissions are the leading solution for a number of industrial and mobile applications.
Torque Hub Wheel Drive 332,000Nm torque capacity
Torque Hub Shaft Drive 113,000Nm torque capacity
Torque Hub SpindleDrive 332,000Nm torque capacity
Torque Hub 2-Rate Drive 36,000Nm torque capacity
Torque Hub Compact Wheel Drive 130,000Nm torque capacity
Bespoke Planetary Gear Devices Designed & manufactured to suit customer specification
Wheel drives
Track drives
Slew drives
Winch drives
Hoist drives
Auger & drilling drives
Cutter head drives
Jack up rigs
Coil tubing injectors

EP has a lot more than 50 years of experience in the production of gears and transmissions for structure and military equipment it has tapped during the creation of this type of planetary gears used to drive construction and agricultural apparatus.

The application of the most recent insights and knowledge by the R&D Department coupled with the utilization of CNC technology we can provide our customers with a quiet and reliable product with excellent strength, lifespan and efficiency characteristics at an extremely attractive price.