4. Ambient temperature is above the suggested level – If the ambient temperature is too much, it could diminish the efficiency of the gearbox. Installing a cooling lover, or moving the application to a far more gearbox construction viable location may resolve this application.

3. Input acceleration too much – Lowering the input speed may help reduce the quantity of deterioration on the gears.

2. Excessive load – Deterioration on the apparatus is caused by connection with various other gears. Reducing the strain will lower the strain the gears make with one another. If an increased load is required, using a larger gearbox may be necessary.

1. Improper installation – Ensure that all bolts connecting the motor and the gearbox are securely fastened.

Problem: Gear Teeth Wear
Solution: Wear and tear on gearboxes is organic occurrences. Proper use and system maintenance can help extend their lifetime of the gearbox.

3. Gears in locked position – Gears may need to be changed due to deterioration. Another possibility will be a foreign object may need to be removed from within the gearbox, leading to the gears to maintain the locked position. Consult your dealer for warranty information.

2. Gear the teeth are worn – Have to replace worn gears. Check with your dealer for guarantee information.