During decarburization processes the vacuum system needs to operate long time in a rough pressure range. A competent gas-cooling is essential as the extracted hot gases would or else overheat the filter and vacuum program.

With the development of technology and the improvement of item quality in aerospace, electric power, iron and steel processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, these industries have to obtain a particular vacuum environment. At the same time, the vacuum system used by these industries is definitely continuously raising, and the vacuum level is continuously increasing. Furthermore, the state’s environmental security, energy conservation and three wastes discharge to the above-talked about industries, etc. The requirements are more stringent. At present, the existing dry vacuum pumps available, such as for example screw vacuum pumps and claw vacuum pumps, are unable to meet up with the requirements of oil-free large pumping swiftness clean vacuum environment proposed by these industries due to the restrictions of pumping swiftness characteristics and structural system.

In view of the shortcomings of the existing technology, the technical problem to be Gas-Cooling Roots Pump solved by the utility model is to supply an all-gas-cooled vacuum system to fulfill the utilization in a clean vacuum environment with huge oil-free pumping speed.