China fluid coupling

Fluid couplings are torque-transmitting couplings that use hydraulic oil or drinking water to transmit energy.

Easy and jerkless power transmission
In hefty industries, they are utilized as a electrical power saving device
Large overall performance
It offers shockless and soft commences to the machine
Aluminium alloy castings are utilised for the producing of the elements of SDFC/FCU which make sure highest sturdiness
It is a rugged compact strong shaft device, which supplies an extra advantage of control nozzles and delayed filling chamber
Broad Specification
Assortment: Electricity up to 11000 kW
Sizes: From fourteen” to 52″ circuit diam

China fluid coupling
Where are they use fluid couplings?

In basic fluid couplings are utilized in Belt conveyors, Extruders, Centrifuges, Bucket elevators, Ball mills, Crushers, Mixers, Slurry pumps, Compressors, Industrial followers, Feeders, Diesel locomotives, Wagon tipplers, Boiler feed pumps, Reciprocating pumps, Procedure Pumps, Dryers and so forth.

What is the gain of Lovejoy fluid couplings?

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