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UDL series stepless rate change udl speed variator china device could be widely used in food, chemical substance, pharmaceutical, packaging, plastics, paper, machine tools, transportation and various required speed automated production line, transport

9, good adaptability. UDL series stepless acceleration variator with all kinds of reducer combination, achieve low-speed cvt.

8, uses the high quality aluminium alloy die-casting molding, beautiful appearance, light weight, never rust.

7, compact structure, little volume.

6, full seal, low requirement to the surroundings.

5, continuous work, and can be both negative and positive direction of operation, stable operation, stable functionality, low noise.

4, convenient speed.

3, high strength, long service life.

2, large swiftness range, the output acceleration ratio can vary from 1:1.4 to at least one 1:7;

1, quickness and high precision: 0.5-1.